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Library "lib_Indicators_DT"
This library functions returns some Moving averages and indicators.
Created it to feed my indicator/strategy "INDICATOR & CONDITIONS COMBINATOR FRAMEWORK v1 " which I will publish it as soon as possible.
Credits: Library includes some public indicators, snippets from tradingview & @03.freeman's ("All MAs displayed") scripts.
(I hope, I dont break Tradingview's House Rules on Script Publishing)

f_plotPrep(src_, src_, src_, src_) Prepare Indicator Plot Type
    src_: Source
    src_: plotingType_ "Original, Stochastic, Percent"
    src_: stochlen_ Stochasting plottingtype length
    src_: plotSWMA_ Use SWMA for the output
  Returns: Return the prepared indicator

f_funcPlot(string, float, simple, string, simple, bool) f_funcPlot(string f, float src_, simple int length_, string plotingType_ = "Original", simple int stochlen_=50, bool plotSWMA=false) Return selected indicator value with different parameters
    string: f indicator-> options=
    float: src_ close,open.....
    simple: int length_ indicator length
    string: plotingType return param-> options=['Original', 'Stochastic', 'PercentRank')
    simple: int stochlen_ length for return Param
    bool: plotSWMA Use SWMA on Plot
  Returns: float
Release Notes:
- Minor wording changes that not affect to the results
- INDICATORS-CONDITIONS-TEST-FRAMEWORK-v1-DTU is published and linked to this library
- Thanks changed to for dump21 indicator that I was used in my library to @RodrigoKazuma
- !!! You can still used V1 for your indicators and strategies. This version is only includes wordings that not affect to the results
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