A newer, more customizable version of the holy grail script I published for silver before.

This script is a work in progress (as was the last version) and although I have been trying to refine this script I would still only classify it in the early stages of development; unlike my previous Euro Dollar strength holy grail script which was designed to work with only the EU pair or the XAGUSD spread script that was designed to work only with silver traded in USD, this script is designed to work with ANY commodity traded in USD, EUR, GBP, or JPY.

In this version I have tried to make smaller time frames work (60 - 240 supported now?) and added a lot of options for average type to be considered in the basket. Not every average created equally though, so I need feedback still etc...

I have also added the ability to specify what the 'basis currency' is. For example XAUUSD --> USD is basis currency. XAGGBP --> GBP is basis currency.

The only supported currencies at the moment are USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY (case sensitive)
If someone requests another (CHF, CAD, etc) I can add that as well.

I have an alert centric version (study, not a strategy) that I am trying out as well on my Euro dollar strength script and this 420_beta script

If you want access, feel free to ask, but as this is still in beta and I'm looking for feedback I'll probably only provide this script to those who have a record of trading commodities here on TV ( aka published an idea on XAUUSD , XAGUSD , USOIL , Copper , etc...)

- Snoop
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