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This is a DCA Strategy backtester + signals, built to emulate the 3Commas DCA bots. It uses your choice of 4 different buy signals, 2 of which can be adjusted in the settings. Everything is customizable so you can backtest specific settings with different buy signals and find the best performing strategy for your risk tolerance and capital. It can be used to backtest strategies on stocks as well, but just make sure your base order is larger than the share price for the entire backtesting range or it will not calculate properly.

You can use this template to code your own buy signals and then backtest them as a DCA strategy if you know some basic pine script.

The indicator shows all of your backtesting orders on the chart. The red line is your take profit level, the blue line is your average price level, the white line is your first order and the green lines are your average down orders. If you enable a stop loss in the settings your stop loss will be shown as an orange line once all of your average down orders have been hit, it will not be set until price has dipped below your covered trading range.

These levels update when things change during backtesting so you can visualize your strategy and how it would perform as well as see if your percentage deviation is large enough to cover dips. When backtesting trades are taken, the chart will show where they were taken(in backtesting) along with info on those trades such as the number each order is, the size of that order and the percentage deviation that order is from the initial buy.

Tradingview cannot sync this backtester to 3Commas and with the way alerts are setup for strategies on Tradingview, the best option for you to give signals to your bot would be to use this backtester to figure out what trigger you want to use and then setup that indicator separately to send alerts to your bot. All of the indicators used for signals in this backtester are available for free and can be configured to match this backtester and send alerts to 3Commas for you. Just make sure you set your alerts to once per bar close and don’t use less than a 15 second timeframe because then you could trigger the Tradingview threshold for alerts and get your alerts shut off.

You can also use this backtester with your own buy triggers if you know a little pine script. Just make copy of the script and code in your own buy signals and see how it backtests.

The right hand side of the screen will show an info panel that shows a lot of different information so you can quickly see your bot settings and how it performed right on the screen.

In the top right corner you will see in purple your bot settings. These include your stoploss % if turned on, take profit %, average down order %, average down order % multiplier, volume multiplier, max number of orders allowed and size of your base order.

The top section of the first column “Current Trade” shows these stats: the open trade’s average price, the open trade’s take profit price, the open trade’s PNL, how far price is from your open tarde’s take profit level in percentage, your open position size and number of open orders.

The bottom section of the first column “Overall Performance” shows these stats: total number of trades taken during backtesting range, the largest amount of trades that were open at one time during backtesting, the max drawdown, the average number of bars per trade, gross profit, net profit, percent profit from your initial capital, current portfolio value and your initial capital.


Stoploss On/Off
This will turn your stoploss on or off. By default it is set to off and will not affect anything unless turned on.

Stoploss Percentage
This is the percentage below your final average down order price that will be set as a stoploss to keep your account from going too far in the red on big dips.

Take Profit Percentage - This is the percentage of profit you want the trade to hit before taking profit on your entire DCA trade. This level updates everytime you average down.

Average Down Percentage - This is the percentage that price has to drop from your initial order to initiate your first safety order. If the Average Down Percent Multiplier is set to 1 then this percentage will be the same for every average down order.

Average Down Percentage Multiplier - This multiplies your Average Down Percentage so each safety order needs a larger percentage deviation than the previous one. This keeps your buys closer together at the beginning and further apart when you hit more orders so you can extend your trading range but still be aggressive when price is going sideways.

Volume Multiplier Per New Order - This multiplies the size of each trade based on your base order. If you set it to a 2x multiplier then each average down order will be 2 times the size of the last one. So for example, a $100 base order with a 2x multiplier would have these values for the first 3 average down orders: 200, 400, 800.

Size Of Base Order - This is the size of your first position entry and will be used as a starting point for the volume multiplier. If your base order is $100 then it will buy $100 worth of whatever crypto you are backtesting this on. If you are looking at stock charts, you need to make sure your base order is higher than the share price across the entire backtesting range or it will not perform correctly.

Max Number Of Orders - This is the maximum number of orders the bot can take, including your base order. Adjust this to suit the amount of capital you are willing to allocate to your bot based on how much money it will require to run according to your bot settings.

If you don’t have a lot of capital to work with, then use longer timeframes with a reasonable take profit percentage so that you don’t need a lot of average down orders. You can also try keeping the volume multiplier close to 1.

You can use the 3Commas dca bot settings page to see how much capital you will need for your strategy if you match it to the settings you have on this indicator. You can also check to see how much of a percentage deviation your bot is covering to make sure you have a reasonable range to trade in and orders to cover big dips. You can also check your coverage by seeing how far down the chart the green lines cover, which are your average down orders.

Make sure the initial capital in the properties tab of the settings has enough to cover all of your orders otherwise you will get unrealistic backtesting results. Also, make sure you leave the order size in the properties tab on contracts so it calculates your trades correctly. The only settings you need to touch in the properties tab is the initial capital. Unless you are trading somewhere that has lower commission fees, then you can change that to match, but leave all the other settings as is for it to function properly.

Increasing the volume multiplier will make your average price and take profit target follow the price action a lot closer as price falls, but it can also lead to having very large orders very quickly once you get into the 1.5-3x multiple range. Try using a high volume multiplier with less safety orders and you will get better results, however you need to have money on the sidelines to add on major dips to keep your bot turning a profit. Be very careful with this as greed and impatience will hurt your overall performance. This bot is meant to make money with lots of small wins so don’t get greedy and make sure you have enough money to cover large dips. If you are being aggressive with your bot, then I recommend only using 25% or less of your portfolio to trade aggressively and then use the smart trade feature on 3commas to add chunks of funds to your trades when price dips below your last safety order. Or if you want it to run without any supervision, then use lower volume multipliers and have lots of safety orders that can cover entire bear markets and still keep buying lower.

It’s a good idea to have some capital on the sidelines that you can add in when price dips quickly. This will help lower your average price and allow your bot to get out in profit quicker. 3Commas bot has a smart trade feature that will allow you to track your average price when adding extra funds and it will automatically update your other orders which is very convenient. Look at the longer timeframes when price dips and only add chunks at major areas where price is very likely to bounce. Or you can be aggressive when trading and add to your position when price dips and is at a likely bounce zone to maximize profits.

Only trade coins that have a good amount of liquidity as the larger your orders get, the harder it will be to sell if there isn’t much liquidity. Also, beware of how large your first order is as it will usually be a market order and can move the market if there is not much liquidity.

Since this bot takes a lot of trades and performs best when taking small profits consistently, you will need to factor in exchange fees. The bot is set to .5% commission(you can change this) on the buy and sell orders as most exchanges charge that amount. Some exchanges offer no fee trading on certain coins so be sure to look around for those so you can keep the commissions and maximize profits.

I strongly encourage you to try out a lot of different setting combinations across multiple different coins and do it across a few months to see how it would have performed under various market conditions. This will help you get a better idea of how much of a percentage deviation you’ll need to be able to cover to keep your bot running and making constant profits. You can also use the deep backtesting feature of the strategy panel to see how it would have done, but just beware that the info panel of the indicator will not reflect deep backtesting results, only the normal backtesting range.

This backtester can be used on any market including crypto, stocks, forex & futures. You just need to make sure your base order is larger than the share price when using this on things besides crypto.

This backtester can be used on all timeframes.

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