Saty ATR Levels

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This indicator uses the previous period close and +/- 1 ATR to display significant day, multiday, swing, and position trading levels including:

- Trigger clouds for possibly going long/short @ 23.6 fib
- Mid-range level at 61.8 fib
- Full range level at +/- 1 ATR (from previous close)
- Extension level at 161.8 fib

Additionally, a convenient info table is provided that shows trend, range utilization, and numerical long/short values.

This indicator is most beneficial when you combine it with price, volume, and trend analysis. For educational content please check out the indicator website at

I am constantly improving this indicator, please use this one if you want to continue to get new features, bug fixes, and support.
Release Notes:
Added a full 2 ATR extension set.
Overhauled Trend Label based on Saty Pivot Ribbon
Release Notes:
Added plot titles for easier identification.
Release Notes:
Added Long-term mode. Useful with indexes in particular.
Release Notes:
Added 3 ATR extensions.
Release Notes:
- Added additional fib levels (optional). Note: Only available up to 2 ATR.
- Cleaner ATR Levels and transitions
- Trend label is merged into header to save space in the info box
- Extensions are now on by default
- Settings is cleaned up and simplified.
NOTE: This will likely not be compatible with your saved templates and settings.
Release Notes:
Added back the ability to change the previous close color.
Release Notes:
- Fixed a typo on the Level Size label in Settings
- Fixed a bug with the color assigned to the key 123.6% and 223.6% levels.
Release Notes:
Fixed a bug where the 0.786 levels were being miscalculated.
Release Notes:
Small quality of life improvement. ATR, key, and intermediate targets all have different colors. So 1 ATR and 61.8% are back to being differentiated.
Release Notes:
By popular request I have:
- Turned on all levels by default
- Turned off extensions by default

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