Greedy DCA

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Detect price crashes in volatile conditions. This is an indicator for a greedy dollar cost average (DCA) strategy. That is, for people who want to repeatedly buy an asset over time when its price is crashing.

  • Price crashes are indicated if the price falls below one or more of the 4 lower Bollinger Bands which are calculated with increasing multipliers for the standard deviation.
  • In these conditions, the price is far below the average. Therefore they are considered good buying opportunities.
  • No buy signals are emitted if the Bollinger Bands are tight, i.e. if the bandwidth (upper -lower band) is below the value of the moving average multiplied with a threshold factor. This ensures that signals are only emitted if the conditions are highly volatile.
  • The Bollinger Bands are calculated based on the daily candles, irrespective the chart time frame. This allows to check the strategy on lower time frames
Release Notes:

  • Condition if bands are wide no longer depends of the number of standard deviations used to calculate the main Bollinger Bands.
  • Adjusted some default values for the number of standard deviations.
  • Skipped signals are now plotted in red.
Release Notes:
plot the moving average calculated from the daily time frame, instead of the chart time frame
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