RSI [Gu5]

Highlights Oversold and Overbought
Show Cross Line when the momentum ends
Same design of my previous indicators

Setting recommended for EURUSD:
Length = 14
Oversold = 68
Overbought = 32

Other markets try:
Length = 14
Oversold = 70
Overbought =30


El indicador destaca cuando el mercado esta en sobre-compra o sobre-venta
Para una mejor visualización, marca con un cruce cuando finaliza el movimiento
Continuando con el mismo estilo de diseño de mis anteriores indicadores


If any of my indicators were useful, you can buy me a beer ;)
Si alguno de mis indicadores te fue útil, puedes comprarme una cerveza ;)

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Release Notes: Clean code
Release Notes: Update and clean code
Release Notes: Fix code
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Your RSI Script is my favorite. Thank you
350 coins
@Blasik, Thnks!
Trying to put alerts at say 50 RSI does not work
Blasik Blasik
@Blasik, Never mind I figured it out. Thank you
Hello sir. I would like to use your indicator, thanks.
gu5tavo71 ingnelson86
@ingnelson86, Thanks for your interest
The indicator is free to use. I just updated it