Super Stoch

This is a multi-time frame Stoch RSI based on Chris Moody's "CM_Stochastic_MTF". Changes are primarily cosmetic and the "stock" signal and Stoch RSI calculations are retained.
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//  Originally scripted by ChrisMoody on October 23, 2014 for user platinumFX
//  Retooled by Quicksilver
study(title="Super Stoch", shorttitle="Super Stoch")

// Upper, Middle, and Lower line display options
sml = input(true, title="Show Mid Line?")
upLine = input(80, minval=50, maxval=90, title="Upper Line")
lowLine = input(20, minval=10, maxval=50, title="Lower Line")

// Strict signal display options
sch = input(true, title="Show background highlights on strict crossings?")
sl = input(true, title="Show 'B' and 'S' on strict crossings?")

// General signal display options
sbh = input(false, title="Show background highlights when Stoch is Overbought/Oversold?")
sac = input(false, title="Show background highlightss on any crossings?")
sacl = input(false, title="Show 'b' and 's' on any crossings?")

//  Stoch 1
len = input(14, minval=1, title="Stoch1 Len") 
smoothK = input(3, minval=1, title="Stoch1 K")
smoothD = input(3, minval=1, title="Stoch1 D")
res = input(title="Stoch1 Resolution", type=resolution, defval="120")
//  Stoch 1 formula
k = sma(stoch(close, high, low, len), smoothK)
d = sma(k, smoothD)
outK = security(tickerid, res, k)
outD = security(tickerid, res, d)

// Stoch 2
ssStoch = input(true, title="Show Stoch2 ?")
useCurrentRes2 = input(false, title="Use current timeframe For Stoch2 ?")
resCustom2 = input(title="Stoch2 Resolution", type=resolution, defval="D")
len2 = input(14, minval=1, title="Stoch2 Len")
smoothK2 = input(3, minval=1, title="Stoch2 K")
smoothD2 = input(3, minval=1, title="Stoch2 D")
res2 = useCurrentRes2 ? period : resCustom2
//  Stoch2 formula
k2 = sma(stoch(close, high, low, len2), smoothK2)
d2 = sma(k2, smoothD2)
outK2 = security(tickerid, res2, k2)
outD2 = security(tickerid, res2, d2)

//  Signal definitions
aboveLine = outK > upLine ? 1 : 0
belowLine = outK < lowLine ? 1 : 0
crossUp = (outK[1] < outD[1] and outK[1] < lowLine[1]) and (outK > outD)  ? 1 : 0
crossDn = (outK[1] > outD[1] and outK[1] > upLine[1]) and (outK < outD) ? 1 : 0
//Definition for Cross that doesn't have to be above or below High and Low line.
crossUpAll = (outK[1] < outD[1] and outK > outD) ? 1 : 0
crossDownAll = (outK[1] > outD[1] and outK < outD) ? 1 : 0

// BackGroound Color Plots
bgcolor(sbh and aboveLine ? red : na, transp=80)
bgcolor(sbh and belowLine ? lime : na, transp=80)
bgcolor(sch and crossUp ? lime : na, transp=80)
bgcolor(sch and crossDn ? red : na, transp=80)
//plots for Cross with no filter
bgcolor(sac and crossUpAll ? lime : na, transp=80)
bgcolor(sac and crossDownAll ? red : na, transp=80)
//Plot Stoch1
plot(outK, title="Stoch K", style=line, linewidth=1, color=orange)
plot(outD, title="Stoch D", style=line, linewidth=1, color=blue)
// Plot Stoch2
plot(ssStoch and outK2 ? outK2 : na, title="K2", style=line, linewidth=1, color=red)
plot(ssStoch and outD2 ? outD2 : na, title="D2", style=line, linewidth=1, color=green)

p1 = plot(upLine, title= "Upper Line", style=solid, linewidth=1, color=gray)
p2 = plot(lowLine, title= "Lower Line", style=solid, linewidth=1, color=gray)
plot(sml and 50 ? 50 : na, title="Mid Line", style=linebr, linewidth=1, color=gray)
plotchar(sl and crossUp ? crossUp : na, title="Strict Buy", char='B', location=location.bottom, color=lime, transp=0, offset=0)
plotchar(sl and crossDn ? crossDn : na, title="Strict Sell", char='S', location=location.top, color=yellow, transp=0, offset=0)
plotchar(sacl and crossUpAll ? crossUpAll : na, title="Any Buy", char='b', location=location.bottom, color=blue, transp=0, offset=0)
plotchar(sacl and crossDownAll ? crossDownAll : na, title="Any Sell", char='s', location=location.top, color=red, transp=0, offset=0)
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