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Library "DarkWaveColorThemes"
A simple, binary color-theming library that provides you with easy-access 'bullish and bearish' colors which you can use to make your indicators more aesthetically pleasing. These color themes were developed to help the community make indicators look excellent with ease.

1. getThemeColor(themeName, colorType)
This function returns a color (either a 'Bullish' or 'Bearish' color, depending on your 'colorType' parameter input) according to the theme you have supplied as the 'themeName' parameter.
  • themeName (string): Specify the theme you want to reference. Options include: 'DarkWave', 'Synthwave', 'DarkWave Crypto', 'Crystal Pool', 'Aquafarer', 'Mystic Armor', 'Futurist', 'Electric Zest', 'Stealth Ride', 'Long Trader', 'Short Trader', 'Emerald Glow', 'Gold Heist', 'Floral', 'Cobalt Twilight', and 'Sunrise'.
  • colorType (string): Specify which color you want to reference from the theme. Options include: 'Bullish' and 'Bearish'.
    Your specified color type according to your specified theme.
Release Notes:
v2: Made the greens and reds a little more relaxed for the Long/Short trader themes. They were too intense!

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