Central Pivot Ranges (CPR) & 3 x VWAP & Barcolors

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This Script Combines daily, weekly and monthly VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) with a intraday, daily, weekly and monthly CPR (Central Pivot Range) - which is considered by some traders as the bread and butter of the market for a reason. A combination of Multiple CPRs and VWAPs from different timeframes can provide you with interesting confluences that can give you more confidence in performing your trades.

CPR Features:
- The option to look at current or developing CPRs.
- A resolution selector for all 4 CPRs
- Options to hide and show Tops, Bottoms and Pivots separately
- Various Styling options
- Alerts

VWAP Features:
- 3 x preset VWAPs set to daily, weekly and monthly
- VWAP Lines from the daily O&C or H&L
- Previous VWAP for S/R
- Line Styling options

General Features:
- Barcolors by pivots crossed or daily, weekly and monthly VWAP.
- Barcolors by daily VWAP additionally contain an O and C check instead of just taking the price above or below the VWAP into consideration.
Release Notes:
Updated the Chart description
Release Notes:
Bugfix on the daily H/L Lines
Release Notes:
Updated the VWAP system and decluttered the settings.
Release Notes:
-fixed color
-added range expansion
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