Price density [Measuring Market Noise:Take advantage]

$$ Market noise can be problematic to some types of trading strategies yet beneficial to others.
By measuring noise using the 'Price Density' can enable us to improve our
trading edge and turn noise to our advantage.
Robust analysis of noise can inform us when it is best to avoid trend-following
systems (when noise is too high), and vice versa for systems based on a
mean-reverting trading premise (when market noise is low).
Using Noise to our advantage
* Two techniques:
-Measure Noise and trade when suitable for the system
~ High noise = avoid trend-following
~ Low noise = avoid mean-reversion
-Match assets to strategies
~ Only trade 'noisy assets' with Mean-reversion Strategies
~ Only trade 'efficient assests' with Trend-following Strategies
## Price density:-
High values = High noise
Low values = Low noise
Disclaimer!! Do your own research
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