Williams %R + Keltner chanells - indicator (AS)

1)INDICATOR ---This indicator is a combination of Keltner channels and Williams %R.
It measures trend using these two indicators.
When Williams %R is overbought(above upper line (default=-20)) and Keltner lower line is below price indicator shows uptrend (green).
When Williams %R is oversold(below lower line (default=-80)) and Keltner upper line is above price indicator shows downtrend (red) .
Can be turned into a strategy quickly.
Keltner basis is a choosen type of moving average and upper line is basis + (ATR*multiplier). Same with lower but minus instead of plus so basiss – (ATR*multiplier)
Second indicator
Williams %R reflects the level of the close relative to the highest high for the lookback period
3)PLS-HELP-----Looking for tips, ideas, sets of parameters, markets and timeframes, rules for strategy -------OVERALL -every advice you can have
4) SIGNALS-----buy signal is when price is above upper KC and Williams %R is above OVB(-20). Short is exactly the other way around
-%R-------OVS/MID/OVB -(MID-no use for now)
-OTHER--LENGTH/TYPE OF MA - (for signal filters, not used for now)
-OTHER--SOURCE -src of calculations
-OTHER--OVERLAY - plots %R values for debugging etc(ON by default)

6)WARNING - do not use this indicator on its own for trading

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