Galen Woods Price Patterns

This indicator marks five price patterns. The underlying concept of each pattern is described below.

#1: Trend Bar Failure <TBF> - failure to follow-through with a short-term thrust

#2: Deceleration - weakening thrust

#3: Anti-Climax - climactic and exhaustive price thrust

#4: Congestion Zone - sideways action <shaded zones> including breakout failures <BOF>

#5: Pressure Zones - repeated buying or selling pressure <triangles>

You can toggle their display under Style.


Calculate On Close is selected by default. If you unselect it, it will show tentative patterns that can be helpful for anticipating setups. However, the price patterns and zones are NOT confirmed unless it remains marked after the completion of the bar.

Pressure Zone Overlap Filter (in no. of ticks) affects the thickness of the pressure zones. Higher settings filter out thin pressure zones.

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This indicator is available for purchase as part of Galen Woods' Day Trading With Price Action Course.
Release Notes: Updated to Pinescript v4 with improved visuals for Congestion Zones (limited to drawing the last 200 zones). Toggle for marking Congestion Zones now available under Inputs.
Release Notes: Update comments and author's instructions
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This indicator is available for purchase as part of Galen Woods' Day Trading With Price Action Course. Learn more at this URL -

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How do I get access to your indicators?
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galenwoods JohnSailo
@JohnSailo, thank you for your interest. These indicators are part of a trading course. You can refer to the indicator details for more information.
I want to use this indicator. Please provide access to me.
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Hi your indicators look great, please add me.
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I have the previous version. Do I need to ask for a re-grant?
galenwoods vchow932
@vchow932, you do not need to do that, the indicators always show the most updated version.
vchow932 galenwoods
@galenwoods, Thanks!
vchow932 vchow932
@vchow932, OK, you need to reapply the indicator again to get the updated version.
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galenwoods vchow932
@vchow932, yup, that's correct, thank you for helping to clarify.