Gemscode premium [5.0]

Gemscode is a very innovative indicator and also quite simple to use. The indicator includes buy and sell signals on the chart, based on two

different trend directions to avoid noise , these signals can also be set up as bus/sell alerts.

The market has too many big players, so you are in a bad position. The Gemscode indicator helps you to have that advantage.

The indicator works at any time and in any market in real time; stocks, indices, crypto-currencies, etc.

It also includes multiple trend reversal signals with two signal modes that can be used for the profit you have made.

How to use it

-Determine the buy/sell position
-Identify potential reversals
-Volatility Bands
-Gem Variation
-Gems Trend
-Trend Catcher
-Mini trend
-Auto Trend Line

Detect the trend.

Invite-only script

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Author's instructions

To use this indicator, contact GemsCode or use

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