SFC Smart Money Manipulation - MTF Zones

This indicator shows the most important manipulated zones - true support and resistance.

The indicator can show the zones from different time frames - 1H, 4H, D and the current TF.

Order Block definition - small candle or few consecutive candles, where banks place buy and sell orders in order to manipulate the price. After price is manipulated and moved in one direction, the banks are in draw down, that is why they manipulate the price one more time before the true move, retesting these candles (closing losing positions).

FU candles

FU candles are most manipulated candles and create very strong reaction zones. These are the true zones, where the banks place their orders.
Why they are so strong? The answer is very simple - these candles clear the liquidity from the previous ones. After the liquidity is cleared ( all stop losses/pending orders are triggered), price reveal the true direction and move very fast.

FU candles are type of Order Blocks - the most powerful one.

Because the most volume is in the body of the order block. The indicator shows not only the FU candle, but the body of the order block.

There are two types of FU candles :
(only full FU candles are displayed as zones, because they are much significant)

1) Full fu, where the current candle completely engulf the previous one, after taking the liquidity. (displayed as F)
2) Current candle only take liquidity from the previous one, but failed to engulf it. (displayed as A)

9 day simple moving average is also displayed. When the price form Fu candle above/under the MA, there is a better chance for reversal.

When FU candles are retested the transparency will change, showing that the zones may have less impact.

Order Blocks

Only the current order blocks are displayed. Price react very often from the 50% level, that is why this level is also displayed.


Rejections are doji candles or candles with big wicks. These rejections very often lead to reversals or deep pullbacks. But before the true move, price test the rejection levels. The retest is not always, but very often of the 50% of the wick.

The rejections are very important price zone.

The indicator can show the zones from different time frames - 1H, 4H, D and the current TF. When wicks are retested the transparency and colour will change, showing that the wicks may have less impact or no more impact.


-The colour and transparency of the zones can be changed.
- Multi time frames zones could be disabled.
- Doji settings
- Length of the moving average

How to use

If price reach one of the displayed zones. The trader should be prepared for price reaction. This reaction could lead to reversal, pull back or trading range.
The trader should have bias from the higher time frames and watch for signs of manipulations on smaller time frames.

Release Notes:
minor bug fixes
Release Notes:
- Ability to mark FU candle, when it is a Doji, on the current Timeframe.
Release Notes:
-added the ability to show/hide the different zones
Release Notes:
Manipulation is real and is often used technic by the banks to clear the liquidity before the true move.

This indicator helps to read and track the manipulation, recognising different types of manipulation and also on different time frames.

"Every candlestick tells a story"

This indicator makes it easy to read the story of the chart.

New features:
-New calculations that make the indicator more precise
-different types of manipulation
-New type of visualisation
-Rejections are detect on both sides of the candles
-New setting to change the level of retest of rejections
-Possibility to change the time frame
-Added descriptions
-Added reaction levels
Release Notes:
-minor bug fixes
Release Notes:
-minor bug fixes
Release Notes:
- fixed colours for MTF bearish zones

-Market manipulation
-Liquidity calculation
-Economic and price action indicators
-MTF Pivot points

*Fundamental analysis
*Technical analys
*Quantitative analysis

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