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--As a result of testing for a month, using alma does not result in repainting--
--ALMA 크로스 결과는 한달간의 테스트 결과, 리페인팅되지 않습니다--

(ENGLISH description O)

1. MA 크로스 지표는 잘못된 신호들이 자주 등장합니다. 정확성을 더 높일수 있는 방법은 없을까 고민을 해봤습니다. 더 낮은 가격에 매수하고, 더 높은 가격에서 매도하는 것이 중요했습니다. 우리가 흔히 저점, 고점을 알아내기 위한 지표이자, 선행지표인 RSI를 추가하는 방법을 연구했습니다.
2. 예를 들어, MA 크로스 매수 신호가 발생했을때, rsi값이 50이면 가격이 더 떨어질 가능성이 큽니다. 하지만, rsi값이 30이하인 경우에만 매수 신호가 발생한다면, 그 가격이 저점일 확률이 매우 높아지는 원리 입니다.
3. 신호는 확률입니다. 트레이딩에 100%는 없습니다. 그 확률을 높이는 것은 리스크 관리 입니다. 분할 매수 관점으로 포지션을 잡으시거나, 단기 매매로 가져가시는걸 추천드립니다.

==rsi ma source 설정==
1. 'rsi ma' 값의 소스입니다.
2. 'rsi 길이' 는 값이 클수록 더욱 정확한 시그널이 발생합니다.
3. EMA 길이가 짧을수록 더 많은 시그널이 발생합니다. 그러나, 정확도는 떨어집니다.

==rsi ma 설정==
1. rsi를 source로한 EMA입니다.
2. rsi와 유사한 성격을 가집니다.
3. 'rsi ma' 값이 30이하이면 과매도, 70이상이면 과매수 입니다.
4. ' rsi ma long value' 이 30이면 매수 신호가 rsi ma 값이 30 이하인 경우에만 발생함을 의미 합니다.
5. "rsi ma short value' 가 70이면 매도 신호가 rsi ma 값이 70 이상인 경우에만 발생함을 의미 합니다.

==rsi 설정==
1. 실제 rsi(14,close) 값을 의미합니다.
2. rsi ma value와 비슷한 기능입니다.
3. rsi 길이가 14이므로, 값은 40~50 사이가 적당합니다.
4. 30 또는 70으로 설정할 시, 신호가 거의 발생하지 않습니다.

1. MA cross indicator often shows false signals. I was wondering if there is a way to increase the accuracy further. It was important to buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price. We studied how to add RSI, which is a leading indicator and an indicator to find lows and highs, often.
2. For example, when a buy MA cross signal occurs, if the rsi value is 50, the price is more likely to fall. However, if a buy signal occurs only when the rsi value is below 30, the probability that the price is at the bottom is very high.
3. A signal is a probability. There is no 100% in trading. Increasing that probability is risk management. It is recommended to hold a position from the perspective of a split buy or take it as a short-term trade.

==rsi ma source option==
1. The source of the 'rsi ma' value.
2. The larger the 'rsi length' value, the more accurate the signal is generated.
3. Shorter EMA lengths produce more signals. However, the accuracy is reduced.

==rsi ma options==
1. EMA with rsi as the source.
2. It has similar characteristics to rsi.
3. If the 'rsi ma' value is below 30, it is oversold, and if it is above 70, it is overbought.
4. If 'rsi ma long value' is 30, it means that a buy signal will only occur when the rsi ma value is less than or equal to 30.
5. If "rsi ma short value' is 70, it means that a sell signal will only occur when the rsi ma value is above 70.

==rsi option==
1. It means the actual rsi(14,close) value.
2. This function is similar to rsi ma value.
3. Since the rsi length is 14, a value between 40 and 50 is appropriate.
4. When set to 30 or 70, almost no signal is generated.

Release Notes:
eng version update
Release Notes:
Add 'MA line color change' alert
Release Notes:
+++전략 제공은 다이렉트 메세지로 문의 주세요+++
+++Please contact us via direct message to provide a strategy+++
Release Notes:
I changed the mechanism. Added counter-trend trading to the existing strategy. That is, short in a bull market and long in a bear market.

1. Determine whether the market is bullish or bearish with MA.
2. In a bull market, enter a short. In a bear market, enter long.

When trading at 1 minute, you can identify uptrend and downtrend through MA cross 1000 and 2000. (In 1-minute frames, 1000 and 2000 are most accurate. // In other minute frames, find a suitable length with a 1:2 ratio.)
When short length is below long length, it means a bear market. The bull market is the opposite.

Here are the trading points. This signal is a reverse trend trade. To put it simply, it is a trading that sells when the price goes up and buys when the price goes down a lot. The downside of countertrend trading is that you don't know the exact highs and lows. So you can use the old risMA to find a more certain point.

The reason for reverse trend trading is that the disadvantages of trend trading are huge. You don't know when the trend will change, so trading on that point can result in very large losses.
Release Notes:
==rsiMA value table==
I added rsiMA value table.
Now you can see easily current rsiMA value.

When "current rsiMA value < rsiMA value long" -> background color is blue
when "current rsiMA value > rsiMA value short" -> background color is red
when "rsiMA value long < current rsiMA value < rsiMA value short" -> background color is grey

Release Notes:


1. current rsiMA value
2. current rsi value
3. sma ---- long length > short length = bull market // short length > long length = bear market
(bull market -> short signal // bear market -> long signal)
Release Notes:
rsiMA value is main option
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