MoT - [Analyst] - S&P 500 Stock Excluder


This is our interesting SPX Stock Excluder Indicator. Exclude any stock from the S&P 500 and the Indicator will plot the SPX (minus the chosen stock/s to exclude).

* Please make sure the stock is part of the index, or it wont work correctly.


S&P500 on the 4HR Time Frame


- On the chart we have our ATR-filtered Exponential Moving Average . It either plots further away from price or closer to price, the higher or lower the current ATR is compared to recent history.

- Also on the Chart we have our Sessions Indicator which allows you to add backgrounds for certain Trading Sessions so you can have a good gauge what Session is driving the Market.

- Again on the main chart, we have our Zig Zag Supply/Demand visual indicator.

- Below the official SPX you will see the adjusted S&P with the stocks removed that you have chosen in the settings of the Indicator.


Many Thanks and Trade Safe!

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