Traders Reality Psy Levels/Daily Open GMT Aware

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Traders Reality Psy Levels/Daily Open GMT Aware
This indicator serves as the Tradingview equivalent of an MT4 indicator suite (Psy Levels and Daily Open)

In general we define Asia session to start with the Sydney exchange open.
For all intends and purposes for this indicator Asia session is defined as the open of the NZX market and close of the ASX market according to the 24 hour market clock.
The Daily Open is defined as the open of the Asia session.
The Psychological High and Low are defined as the first high and first low the Asian session starting at Saturday night and going into Sunday morning.
These are 2 key confluences that can be used in various strategies. These are in some sense similar to pivot points.

The script is GMT ( UTC ) offset aware meaning you can adjust the start of the day to any point within the allowed GMT offsets (-12 to 14)
For example if your exchange timezone is UTC+0 then the start of the Asia session starts at 2000 (UTC+0) and ends at 0400 (UTC+0) when Sydney if not in DST
You will set the offset to 4. When Sydney is in DST you will set the offset to 3
Naturally since the offset allows the entire range of GMT offsets to be used you do not need to choose the Asia market as the start of the day.
The default setting is set to 4 as of Nov 1st 2021
The GMT offset puts the calculation in the correct place regardless of exchange timezone so you do not need to adjust any settings
when working with exchanges not on UTC+0
Psy levels works only on exchanges that are open on the weekends that provide with 24x7 data.
The GMT offset puts the calculation in the correct place regardless of exchange timezone.

1) Plot the current Daily Open for timeframes between 4 hour and 1 min.
2) Plot the current weekly Psychological High and Low for timeframes between 4 hour and 1 min.
3) Configurable GMT offset, default set to Sydney open (as defined above)
4) Toggle to show historical Daily Open values (line)
5) Toggle to show historical Psychological High and Low values (line)
6) Turn labels on and off
7) Change line/label colors

Foot notes:
Use at your own risk and your own responsibility. No guarantees are provided and no responsibility is assumed by the developers of this script.
Original @plasmapug, additional edits (with permission) by @infernixx and @Peshocore
INSECURITY() from @JayRogers (enhanced for gmt offset)
Release Notes:
Fixed for default Sydney open.
Sydney is in the southern hemisphere and DST kicks in the opposite of when DST kicks in the northern hemisphere.
Release Notes:
correcting the showcase
Release Notes:
updated Daily open color and changed label so as to distinguish from the other indicator
Release Notes:
limited timeframes to 1h/30min/15min/5min/3min/1min. This is because other timeframes the start of the day may fall on times where no candles exist. hence the Psy High/Low can only be displayed on these timeframes 1h/30min/15min/5min/3min/1min
Release Notes:
renaming indicator name
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