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The % Bands multitool to keep volatility and reversals under control using quantitative approach and to trade using different signals.

  • 15 well known % bands
  • 4 display modes (All Lines, Average Line, Breakouts Histogram, Middle Crosses Histogram)
  • Bands Customization
  • Readable and optimized code

How to get access
  • Buy for 649$ (One-time payment, Source Code Transfer, Sole ownership)
  • Buy for 229$ (One-time payment, Full-time access, Multi ownership)
  • Make the symbolic monthly donations to support my open source work (Donate-per-use, Part-time access, Multi ownership)

Implemented bands
  • Bomar Bands %BOMAR (by Marc Chaikin and Bob Brogan)
  • Bollinger Bands %B (by John Bollinger)
  • Apirine Exponential Standard Deviation Bands (by Vitali Apirine)
  • Standard Error Bands %SEB (by Jon Andersen)
  • Kirshenbaum Bands %KB (by Paul Kirshenbaum)
  • Acceleration Bands %A (by Price Headley)
  • Keltner Channels %KC (by Chester W. Keltner)
  • Stoller Average Range Channels Bands %STARC (by Manning Stoller)
  • Donchian Channels %DC (by Richard Donchian)
  • Interquartile Range Bands %IQR (by Alex Orekhov)
  • Median Absolute Deviation Bands %MAD (by Alex Orekhov)
  • Mean Absolute Deviation Bands %MEANAD (by Alex Orekhov)
  • Vervoort Volatility Bands %VVB (by Sylvain Vervoort)
  • High Low Bands %HLB
  • Projection Bands %PB (by Mel Widner)
Release Notes:
  • Update
Release Notes:
  • Updated the settings window
  • Added 2 new modes: Overbought/Oversold and Above/Below Middle Line
  • Added custom levels
  • Minor optimizations
Release Notes:
  • Converted to PineScript V5
  • Added Overbought/Oversold levels customization
Release Notes:
  • Minor fix

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