[NLX-L1] Trend Index

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- NLX Modular Trading Framework -

This module is build upon the Trend Index by Mango2Juice (thanks for your permission to use the source!)
It includes all the common indicators and creates a positive or negative score, which can be used with my Modular Trading Framework and linked to an entry/exit indicator.

VWAP Bands
Relative Strength Index ( RSI )
Commodity Channel Index ( CCI )
William Percent Range (WPR)
Directional Movement Index (DMI)
Elder Force Index ( EFI )
Parabolic SAR
... and more

- Getting Started -

1. Add this Trend Index to your Chart
2. Add one of my Indicator Modules to your Chart, such as the QQE++ Indicator
3. In the QQE Indicator Settings combine it with the Trend Index (and choose L1 Type)
4. Optional: Add the Noise Filter, and in the Noise Filter Settings you select the QQE Indicator as combination (and choose L2 for Type)
5. Add the Backtest Module to your Chart
6. Select the Noise Filter in the Backtest Settings

Indicator modules can be combined in many different ways in my framework - have fun!

- Alerts for Automated Trading -

The alerts module is coming soon and you will be able to create alerts to automated your trades.
See my signature below for more information.
Release Notes:
Update: MTF
  • All Indicators can now be used with higher timeframes

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