(TBO) Trending Break Out

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TBO (Trending Break Out) is an indicator designed to help identify trends within the markets. Users are able to see trend continuations and potential trend reversals. Potential breakouts are also shown as trend strength increases or decreases. There are buy signals and short signals included as well. Clouds show underlying support or resistance areas and potential changes in trend strength. Pivots show resistance and support as well.

-Brought to you by Drungle_OG and MooninPapa (YouTubes)
Release Notes:
Changed Alert names to reflect their meaning more accurately.

Note: This indicator is not to be taken as financial advice or signals or anything of the sort. It is educational information in nature. The user is 100% responsible to research their own entry and exit points. By using this indicator you agree to this and the author or Tradingview will not be held accountable for any results of your actions.
Release Notes:
Slight change to TBO Down
Release Notes:
A few minor changes.
Release Notes:
Added Short Close alert.
Changed transparency of plot colors.
Release Notes:
Fixed Typo
Release Notes:
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Release Notes:
Added Breakout and Breakdown alerts.
Release Notes:
Added quick Scalping option.

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Release Notes:
Roll back, need to tweak settings more.

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Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Added DHP volume scalping option:

This idea was generated by our very own Dradian. Hats off to him.

2 Modes:

Static: Choose your volume

Multiple: Set your volume Moving Average and your multiple factor - aka 20 MA x 3.

Alert conditions for both.

Release Notes:
-Updated the naming convention to make it easier to read corresponding labels.
-Added Unicode text to help simplify labels
-Changed Breakdown shape to a circle
-Removed Calculate on Fill and every Tick by default

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Release Notes:
  • Removed Short S/R
  • Added RSI filter for Open Long/Short
  • Added Take Profit % Long/Short
  • Added Take Profit % Long/Short alerts
  • Minor internal changes
Release Notes:
Cosmetic update to sections to incorporate Tradingview's grouped inputs. This should make it easier to see different sections of the settings.

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