Time Bound Trading Sessions

Time Bound Trading Sessions allows to add time bound conditions to your trading sessions given a date range, a time range and/or days of the week.

This indicator can be very handy if you want to control your trading sessions along those three time boundaries, applying them together and/or separately.

Feel free to reuse this code in your own strategy, and leverage the inSession condition as needed.


+ It allows for date range start and/or end to be set.
+ It allows for session time range to be set.
+ It allows for days of the week to be set.
+ It applies chart background color if we are not within the given time bound session parameters.
+ It includes turn on/off functionality.


Date Range
+ {Start} checkbox: turns on/off start date
+ {Start} date/time
+ {End} checkbox: turns on/off end date
+ {End} date/time

Time Range
+ {Session} checkbox: turns on/off session time range
+ {Session} time range

+ {M} checkbox: turns on/off Mondays
+ {T} checkbox: turns on/off Tuesdays
+ {W} checkbox: turns on/off Wednesdays
+ {T} checkbox: turns on/off Thursdays
+ {F} checkbox: turns on/off Fridays
+ {S} checkbox: turns on/off Saturdays
+ {S} checkbox: turns on/off Sundays

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