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HI SANTOS, I have tried with NIFTY index, but its constantly showing 0 value. ...any solution ?
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@HarrisPM, the problem is not with the script
@HarrisPM, the value oscilation is just that small
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jamy862004 HarrisPM
@HarrisPM, Same query!
Many thanks for the wonderful script Ricardo!
I have adapted the same on pine script version 4 and published few minutes back - this fixes the issues faced by some of the commentators below.
I have acknowledged your original version in what I have published.

Thanks again!
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MohdAnish piram.manickam
@piram.manickam, Hi Piram, I changed the input with NIFTY and also tried with SENSEX but still showing 9 value.
@MohdAnish, Hi Mohd, I am not sure if you picked up the new script I published. Can you try the indicator below and let me know?
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@piram.manickam Works like a charm for Nifty, Thank You brother
AshuToshP piram.manickam
@piram.manickam, thanks for fixing the issue and publishing the script....it works fine