Rolling Fibonacci Pivot Points [QuantNomad]

Standard Fibonacci Pivot Points are calculated from the previous day (or another period) close/low/high. But what is the day close for cryptocurrencies trading 24/7 on exchange? Does it make sense to use a specific time price as a close if it continue trading after that?

So I decided to solve that issue with Rolling Fibonacci Pivot Points where I calculate pivot points not at the end of the period but for every bar. Every time recalculating pivot points I look at a window of period length in bars and base my calculations on these bars. This way you get smooth pivot points changing with every bar and it seems like levels might be really nice support and resistance for the price.

I implemented 6 periods: Auto, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year. For the Auto period, I select the most suitable period for the timeframe of your chart.

On the chart, you can see by default 7 levels plotted:

  • PPPivot Point
  • S1 – Support on 0.382 fib level
  • S2 – Support on 0.618 fib level
  • S3 – Support on 1.000 fib level
  • R1 – Resistance on 0.382 fib level
  • R2 – Resistance on 0.618 fib level
  • R3 – Resistance on 1.000 fib level

Also in parameters you can display additional midpoints:

  • S0.5 – Support on 0.236 fib level
  • S1.5 – Support on 0.500 fib level
  • S2.5 – Support on 0.786 fib level
  • R0.5 – Resistance on 0.236 fib level
  • R1.5 – Resistance on 0.500 fib level
  • R2.5 – Resistance on 0.786 fib level


It's a pro indicator, you can have access to it for a small fee. Link to my PRO indicators you can find in my signature.


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