RSI of Ultimate Oscillator [SHORT Selling] Strategy

This is SHORT selling strategy with Ultimate Oscillator. Instead of drectly using the UO oscillator , I have used RSI on UO (as I did in my previous strategies )

Ultimator Oscillator settings are 5, 10 and 15

RSI of UO setting is 5

Short Sell
I have used moving averages from WilliamAlligator indicator --- settings are 10(Lips), 20(teeth) and 50 (Jaw)
when Lips , Teeth and Jaw are aligned to downtrend (that means Lips < Teeth < Jaw )
Look for RSIofUO dropping below 60 ( setting parameter is Sell Line )

Partial Exit
When RSIofUO crossing up Oversold line i.e 30

Cover Short / Exit

When RSIofUO crosisng above overbought line i.e 70

StopLoss defaulted to 3 % , Though it is mentioned in settings , it has not been not used to calcuate and StopLoss Exit... Reason is, when RSIofUO already crossed 60 line (for SHORTING) , then it would take more efforts go up beynd 60. There is saying price takes stairs to climb up but it takes elevator to go down. I have not purely depend on this to exit stop loss, however noticed the trades in this stratgey did not get out with loss higher than when RSIofUO reaching 70 level.

Williams Alligator is not drawn from the script. It is manually added to chart for illustration purpose. Please add it when you are using this strategy , whch woould give an idea how the strategy is taking Short Trades.

This is tested on Hourly chart for SPY

Bar color changes to purple when the strategy is in SHORT trade

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