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This title will now remain constant, until you click into the strategy and the latest version number will be shown.

The previous release notes below are copied from the previous descriptions with the release note updates shown.

Hi Traders,

I hope everyone is great - its a long one - but worth the read, I promise....

Firstly, thank you to our members for being patient with this release - it took longer than anticipated but now with even more functionality too - and some improved profitability in back-testing on our H1 time frame especially - explained further below.

Secondly, thank you to the individuals that have made this happen - you know who you are! Sounds like an Oscar speech right.... sorry.

This tool we believe really does change the game - please read on to find out more.

As a brief reminder this builds upon on initial V1 and V2 indicator/scripts ...

The strategy itself

Our strategy will help you identify the current trend in the markets and highlight when this is changing. The strategy itself is based upon 4 indicators lining up in total confluence to increase the probability of the trade being a success.

Absolutely no technical analysis is needed to trade this successfully - this can be used on all time frames and all pairs - obviously with varying profitability as all pairs work differently - this can be reviewed quickly in 'Strategy Tester' to hone in on your own desired settings.

When all criteria is in alignment the strategy will convert all candles to the relevant colour - Green for an uptrend and Red for a downtrend; a candle that is printed normally simply shows that no current trend is in place to warrant a colour change. A normal coloured candle could possibly indicate a change in current market direction or the market consolidating before a further move in the initial direction.

When a new signal is valid, 'Blue FX Buy'' or 'Blue FX Sell' will be displayed and the small arrow shown on candle open for entry. (*Now along with Entry Price (EP), Stop Loss (SL), Take Profit (TP) and Lot size that is based on the risk parameters you have set personally on V3)

Version 2 was created with H4 confluence built in and also a display of a suggested Stop Loss (SL) and multiple Take Profits (TP's) on the H1 (One Hour) time frame - thus making your entry even easier and your SL more reliable - these suggested SL's and targets were based on the ATR of that pair at that time - a popular choice amongst traders - automatically built in.

What is a Trading View Script?

A script is like an indicator but better, we can prove the success of our strategy by using Trading Views strategy tester function. As shown below and on the chart - you can see the 'Buy' and 'Close Buy' on the chart, supported by a live trading log showing you the entry, entry price date, volume and closing price.

This is a great function for numerous reasons; firstly, you know you are using a profitable strategy, secondly you can use this as a trading journal to support your trading too. This in itself can help you with your trading psychology - letting winning trades run is a prime example of this. Take confidence in the statistics and performance over time.

Ultimately, we believe we have saved YOU the need to firstly, find an edge and a strategy - and all of the time it takes to BACKTEST a strategy - to then find it may or may not work - and then you start again!

Well guess what?

We know this works and it takes you seconds to see it.

Everyone can see the statistics themselves for 2020 to date (and previous!); an account gain of over 500% if you managed to catch all trades risking 1% per trade. I understand that catching all trades is difficult but even if you caught a third, that's still not too bad right?

Disclaimer alert; Please remember past performance is exactly that - how our strategy performed over those dates tested, it is not obviously a guarantee of future performance.

Even better, you/we can still hone in these settings to find an improved performance per pair on any given time frame and money management plan. (We are currently looking into automating this process too)

Default settings are set for use with the H1 time frame - no extra confluence checking is needed with these settings.

So what are the specific changes I hear you ask?

- Visibility of the SL and TP labels across all time frames.

- Visibility of all previous SL and TP labels with the click of a button ( Prev . was only 2).

- Proof of the profitability of the strategy - we had this in V1 but this was based on trend following with the exit - we didn't in V2 when we added the SL and TP display function.

- The ability to customise the parameters and see the instant impact of the desired pair/time-frame and testing date range - of course some work better than others and will do at different times - once we have found a way to test this in an automated way we could look to do this monthly/quarterly to ensure we are using 'optimal' parameters at all times.

- Another game changer here is the addition of a lot size calculator - set your balance, set your risk and the LOT SIZE you should be trading will appear as if by magic - no need to use any other tool to do this. For inexperienced traders and especially trading stocks/ gold / commodities we suggest you check the contract sizes first as some brokers may operate differently. This visual cue will help ensure you are managing your risk and save you time in checking the right Lot Size for your trade (every pair has a different pip value and every trade a different SL).

- Although not required in our H1 settings currently - we have added more higher time frame confluences - which can improve the profitability of different pairs on different time frames in testing.

- As our tool can be used across all instruments we have a pull down menu for Crypto/Metals/Stocks/ Commodities , etc.

- The option to also test fixed lot size or percentage - see the benefit of compounding right away.

- The option to turn the testing function on and off.

Let's see an example......

An example trade - display Entry, SL, multiple TP, lot size and contract size.


We have deliberately set the TP3 to be an increased target, this way we can capitalise on a large move in the market, should the move reverse and the opposite signal appears we close the trade anyway and follow the new signal.

I am unable to add other pictures in this Script description - but we will include in our Public channel and update our website to show them over the coming days.

I hope you can all see the functionality in this tool, the profitability in historic tests and how it can be used to give you your edge.

How do you access this I hear you ask?

Please visit our website for signup / purchase information in the first instance (the link is on our trading view profile / signature) or send us a private message on here - its impossible to keep track of comments on our posts so to ensure we don't miss you, a private DM will be great please.

Thank you for reading, we hope you choose to join our vastly growing community.

Kind regards
Blue FX
Jun 14
Release Notes: Default settings have been improved, providing a 600% gain YTD in back testing with less trades too.
Jul 4
Release Notes: Trend filter using ADX - our strategy is based on a trending market, adding the ADX filter to our strategy allows us to remove trades under the threshold level set. Previously - we tried to teach our members how to spot the ranging markets to help further increase their successes (although the stats were not based on any manual intervention) - now they don't have too.

Specific parameters set into the code - detects the pair and TF to shown them automatically - our method has been solid YOY growth based on a fixed 0. 01 lot size to gain consistent yearly consistent results.

Trade volumes substantially reduced with a much higher win rate - due to the specific parameters and ADX filter.

No pull down menu when flicking between instruments - all done automatically; making it easier for trades flicking between trading instruments.

More TP options for testing - we have TP1/2/3 and other variables including FT (Follow Trend) / FT + SL (Follow trend with Stop loss) / TS (Trail Stop function)

Smaller labels showing entry, SL and TP, etc - much clearer on screen and on your app.

Lot sizes fixed - we had a previous bug affecting some currencies - as always where money is involved and managing risk, ensure you check and are comfortable this is correct of course

Filter for days of the week - some pairs hate specific days, a great tool, see how removing Fridays affects the performance in seconds.

Back testing on all instruments - not previously available - trade stocks like Tesla or Lloyds - or indices? We can give you back testing data for them all.

Filter for trading sessions - like the days of the week - if you are only trading London and US sessions, back testing data for other sessions is pretty pointless - now you can remove them too!

If you wish to just stay with the default V3 settings its simple, turn 'Use pre-defined parameter?' Off - and turn off ADX - your chart will then look like the initial v3.0 strategy anyway. However, every pair has improved performance we have found when including ADX - each pair is affected differently with a higher or lower ADX Threshold - this is parameter #9.

I don't think there is much more that can be added now - fuelled by our ambition - to provide our members with an easy yet profitable trading strategy for both beginner or experienced trader. We have this at the forefront of our minds when adding and reviewing functions.

Follow the trades, stay disciplined and don't focus on the money. Focus on the 'process' of following the strategy, its much easier on your mind too. Far easier following instructions than trying to do something without - follow your plan, the process and the money will follow.

If you wish to see all of the back testing data for each pair - hop into our Discord Server and check out the #public-backtesting-channel - all of them will be there when I post them tonight.

Jul 5
Release Notes: Another quick update.

More days of week added - Sat and Sunday trading sessions - (Sat - just crypto is open on TV)

Also a specific setting for trading just a certain time of day - this is based on EST time you will will need to convert back to your time zone for this to work.

For example, if you would like to test trading EURUSD between 7am and 11am - you will need to find the EST time for this which is 2am to 6am, you will then see these trades in the list of trades section. This is ideal for scalping certain sessions where all trades will be open and closed promptly.

I use the 'Time Buddy' app for this as its quite straight forward.


18 hours ago

Release Notes: Update - correcting the entry price label error.

Release Notes: Update fixing the bud affecting our pre set statistics - bug was entry and SL calculation issue, now resolved.
Release Notes: Latest update;

Includes visual plots for SL, Entry price and TP - making it much simpler to see these levels on your chart.
Release Notes: Removal of pairs using HTF - removing issue when trades are valid outside of the 4H candle close.

Default plot colours changed.

More Info here: https://link.team-pow.com/TV

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