F.B_DI+ DI- Trend Tracker

The F.B_DI+ DI- Trend Tracker is an indicator developed based on Directional Movement and True Range to identify trends in the market and assess their strength. Here is the logic behind the indicator and how to use it for trading:

Direction Determination

Unlike traditional DI+ and DI- based on simple calculations, this indicator utilizes derived versions of these directional indicators. These derived versions offer a more precise measurement of price directional movements by specifically tailoring to market conditions and the chosen time frame.

Trend Strength

The derived directional indicators are generated by dividing smoothed Directional Movements by smoothed True Range and converting them into percentages. These values provide insights into the strength of the trend by considering directional movements relative to market volatility.

Identifying Trend Reversals

To capture changes in trend strength more accurately, the first derivative of DI+ and DI- is computed. A crossover of these derived versions could indicate a potential trend reversal, with a crossover of DI+ over DI- suggesting a possible uptrend and a crossover of DI- over DI+ indicating a potential downtrend.

Making Trading Decisions

Traders can use crossovers between the derived DI+ and DI- to receive signals for potential trend reversals. Additionally, changes in the color of candlesticks or background can be used as confirmation of the trend direction and its strength.

By utilizing these derived directional indicators, the F.B_DI+ DI- Trend Tracker indicator offers more precise trading signals and improved trend analysis, enabling traders to make informed trading decisions.
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