HMA + HMA + Dispersion background fill (ver 2.0)

fast HMA • slow HMA • Dispersion Zone| background color's


Background colors: Red, Green and Yellow. Default transperent = 5%

Green background: fast HMA above the dispersion zone
Red background: fast HMA below the dispersion zone
Yellow background: fast HMA inside the Dispersion Zone


# Alerts only for cross Yellow to Green and Yellow to Red zones.


• The dispersion zone is calculated relative to the slow HMA .
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что-то не работает у меня, не так что-то делаю?
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Vlad_KZN Yarapolk
@Yarapolk, Enable 1 hour timeframe.
do not work((
almost all in yellow
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So how do you use signals from dispersion? What are the rules?
come on come guys are more active in putting Likes to the muving, and thus we will soon see the next work of Mozart
Mr Mozart I managed to set up for timeframe 15 minutes. I trade XRP for the second day in +. HMA works! USSR remembered)
Mr.Mozart Vlad_KZN
@Vlad_KZN, I am very happy to hear that. Enjoy using!
Vlad_KZN Mr.Mozart
@Mr.Mozart, Thanks again!
1. If the largest area is colored yellow, the percentage of dispersion should be reduced. By default, it costs 5%, if you reduce it to 1%, you get a completely different picture.
Mr.Mozart Mr.Mozart
@Mr.Mozart, 2. It does not matter at what time interval you use this indicator. Will it be 1 hour (as I showed in the video), or it will be 12 hours. This indicator is completely dependent on manual configuration. In my video, I just showed an example of setting for a time interval of 1 hour. You have to choose the necessary period for a slow moving average and for a fast one, and then select the deviation zone (dispersion zone). Each case is unique and in each case the settings can be completely different.