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Similar to the USI:ADD index, the NYSE TICK index measures the number of stocks with in the index with positive ticks versus negative ticks. Levels such as +/- 1000 or +/- 2000 can be considered as areas of overbought and oversold.
Release Notes:
Added two optional moving averages that can be customized for length, type (EMA or SMA), etc.
Release Notes:
Added checkbox to enable/disable moving averages. Also made the checkbox false by default. Minor bug fix.
Release Notes:
  • Added ratio of up ticks versus down ticks in upper right side of table.
  • You can now plot the aforementioned ratio as a histogram by selecting "ratio" under "Candle Style".
  • Added checkbox to enable/disable threshold lines in a single click It is "off" by default.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
Release Notes:
  • Added option to select cumulative TICK histogram.
  • Also added flag to enable/disable summary table.
Release Notes:
Simplified the indicator to give you exactly what you're looking for

  1. the raw TICK data
  2. the cumulative TICK

Also simplified the settings and added appropriate tooltips to explain what the settings do.
Release Notes:
Fixed bug where cumulative TICK was not showing in charts using only regular session.
Release Notes:
Fixed the formula for the cumulative calculation to work on both charts with pre/post market data and those without. Also made sure the formula is in fact doing a summation of the TICK data from the start of the session onward.
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