Projected Bollinger Bands - Quadratic Regression

Based on the work of Alex Groove : https://www tradingview com/script/YnoXd2AY-forecasting-quadratic-regression/
and also based on https://www tradingview com/script/YnoXd2AY-forecasting-quadratic-regression/ by capissimo

1. This Bollinger Bands uses the QREG as its middle line (not MA as the original Bollinger Bands ) so this should be acknowledged.
2. This indicator forecasts 3 candles (periods) ahead.
3. The label's position is quite messy, so you need to adjust the chart zoom in order to make the indicator doesn't overlap anything.
4. You need to manually set the time frame in the indicator settings because i'm not able to make the indicator recognizes it automatically

I'm trying to make the Bollinger Bands Forecasting from Quadratic Regression, and i'm really sure that there are a lot of mistakes here and there, so i 'm hoping corrections coming from you guys...

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