Planetary Aspects & Transits

Planetary Aspects and Transits are commonly used by Astrology Traders and Gann Traders for various reasons. This script is designed to highlight these planetary aspects and transitions on your chart. You can select your favorite planet -including the sun and the moon- and also select the aspect that you would like to view and this script will highlight it on the chart. The aspects that are included to choose from are ( 0, 30, 45, 60, 72, 90, 120, 135, 144, 150, and 180 degrees ). You can also select the mode of these aspects and transits ( Heliocentric vs Geocentric ).
This script offers two running options :
1. Planet vs aspect : using this option you will be able to select a planet and an aspect and we will find/highlight all the transitions vs all the planets in that aspect.
2. Planet vs Planet : using this option you will be able to select two planet and a single aspect to view on the chart.

█ Future Plans and upgrades to this script may include :
1. Enhanced algorithm for a faster loading/processing script.
2. More future dates plotting.
And more! Feel free to contact me with any feature that you would like to see in this script

█ How to use :
1. Open the settings.
2. Choose the planet/planets, and the aspect.
3. Enable the option.
Give the script a few seconds and you should be set.

This script is coded as an addon to the Gann ToolBox package/scripts.

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