Here are common functions usually delete drawing once array of drawing is recall.
Method is used as in pine script version 5 instead of custom function.
It is an upgrade from DeleteArrayObject, which may not support overload parameter in future.

Library "DeleteArrayType"
TODO: Delete array type especially for drawings

method deleteLabel(id)
  TODO: Delete array<label>
  Namespace types: array<label>
    id (array<label>)
  Returns: TODO: label.delete()

method deleteLine(id)
  TODO: Delete array<line>
  Namespace types: array<line>
    id (array<line>)
  Returns: TODO: line.delete()

method deleteLineFill(id)
  TODO: Delete array<linefill>
  Namespace types: array<linefill>
    id (array<linefill>)
  Returns: TODO: linefill.delete()

method deletePolyLine(id)
  TODO: Delete array<polyline>
  Namespace types: array<polyline>
    id (array<polyline>)
  Returns: TODO: polyline.delete()

method deleteBox(id)
  TODO: Delete array<box>
  Namespace types: array<box>
    id (array<box>)
  Returns: TODO: box.delete()

method deleteTable(id)
  TODO: Delete array<table>
  Namespace types: array<table>
    id (array<table>)
  Returns: TODO: table.delete()

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