Rider Algo #4: Oscillators

RiderAlgo Updated   
Use it to detect:
  • Overbought and Oversold levels
  • Short term momentum shifts
  • RSI divergences
Release Notes:
Added Overbought and Oversold areas background
Release Notes:
Visual changes:
- bars instead of curve
- big circles when there is a bearish or bullish divergence
- remove innecesary dot signals.
- change dark blue to light blue for better visualization on dark theme.
Release Notes:
Added Signals messages and a cleaner settings interface.

- Changed big circles for triangles pointing on the trend change directions.
- Added a "Divergence confirmed" message when a divergence is confirmed (no repaint)
- Added Attention and Warning Signals (same than +Attention signals on TR Algo #1)
Release Notes:
Added a colored line at 0 level. Ideal to use in combination with money flow and disabling other options.
Release Notes:
Changed 0 line color to gray.
Release Notes:
Added a new color code to the Big Waves for better visualization of the trend:
- Red: wave going down
- Green: going up

Seems to be more consistent than orange and blue circles, however circles are still valid when looking for confluence as those appear usually 1 candle before the wave changes color (but are less accurate during high volatility)

Made minor changes to the indicator settings, and added colors customization.

Release Notes:
Minor Fix: now you can change main wave colors.
Release Notes:
- Added Major color customization options (see the Master Color options on the indicator settings)
- Added a new signal represented by an arrow and a "B" (see chart below), use this signal as confluence with other indicator for where the price direction might go on the the next 1-5 candles.

Release Notes:
added a new Red and Green neon theme

Release Notes:
Bug Fixed
- Attention signal appeared when a red circle was confirmed at oversold zone.
Release Notes:
Small bug fixed
Release Notes:
Important Update
-We have now added an Accuracy Table for "B" Signals, similar to the accuracy table on algo #1 by Super Signal.
-By default, B signals will now have a small size setting, instead of the previous tiny size.

About the Accuracy Table:
-To view the Accuracy Table, simply check the "Show B Accuracy Table" option in the indicator settings.
-The table will provide you with stop loss and target information for the latest active B signal only.

This update is another significant step towards achieving our goal of trading based on accurate information with our indicators.
Release Notes:
Minor Bug Fix.

Release Notes:
Rider Algo #4: Oscillators is part of our Trend Rider Indicators toolset
- Rider Algo #1 : Anticipation
- Rider Algo #2 : Trend Detection
- Rider Algo #3 : Key Levels
- Rider Algo #4 : Oscillators
- Rider Algo #5 Macro View

Rider Algo #4: Oscillators is crafted with the aim to consolidate all indicators that pivot around price oscillations. Oscillators serve as invaluable tools in gauging the momentum and potentially uncovering price extremes—offering traders insights into potential reversals or continuations within the market.

Indicators Within: A Sneak Peek
While we hold the comprehensive details close, know that each oscillator nested within this algo is designed to assist in decoding the ebbs and flows of market momentum, guiding you through the nuanced oscillations of price.

From classical oscillators that might highlight overbought and oversold conditions to more intricate ones aiming at deciphering the complexity of market pulses, each piece in this algo brings its own flavor to your trading palette.

Note 1: Unveiling a Trend Indicator
While our focus within Rider Algo #4 is prominently on oscillators, for the time being, this indicator houses a trend-following tool that users can toggle on/off within the settings. An extra layer, designed to bring additional context to the oscillatory readings you’re interpreting.

Note 2: The Evolution is Underway
Behind the scenes, our team is meticulously working on an evolved version of this indicator. Our ambition guides us toward crafting a 'Master Oscillator'—an amalgamation of oscillatory insights distilled into a single, potent indicator. So, stay tuned for a tool designed to redefine how you engage with market oscillations.

Embarking on an Oscillatory Journey
The journey with Rider Algo #4 promises to be one where you’ll navigate the rhythmic dances of the market with enhanced precision and insight. It is not merely an algorithm; it’s an ally on your trading voyage, ensuring that every fluctuation, every wave of the market, becomes a note in your symphonic trading strategy.

Stay tuned for more updates and dive into the oscillatory depths with Rider Algo #4!
Release Notes:
Small fix.

- Attention signal no longer appears when bearish momentum circle is confirmed inside oversold area.


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