FXN - Buy Sell Signals, EMA 5 / 13 Cross

This is a simple script to display buy and sell signals when the 5 and 13 Exponential moving averages cross. These signals are designed to only appear when they occur during the London and New York Trading Sessions, although this aspect of the indicator can be changed.

These signals should not be considered as trade signals in isolation and must only be used in confirmation with other confluences and factors outlined in their strategy.
Release Notes: Implemented new features:

1. Support of broker price feeds who are not using Eastern Standard Time

2. Allow users to change the signal shapes, colors, positions of generated signals
Release Notes: Restricted signals to only display when using a 15 minute chart
Release Notes: Changed default settings to show the signal as a small orange circle above or below the candle to signify whether the 5 and 13 EMA cross has happened.
Release Notes: Include the other EMAs into this one indicator that are used to help with direction and targets. These include 5, 13, 50, 200, 365 and the 800. These can be turned off from the settings input tab or customised on the style tab.
Release Notes: Fixed release screenshot
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