Pivot alerts by Funded-Trader

This indicator draws Standard Pivot Levels on all products on all timeframes.
The P Pivot is included, and it goes as far as R3 and S3, as pivots 4 and 5 are rarely reached in the market.
This indicator differs from the "Standard Pivot" published by TradingView as this can be used to set-up an Alert: just add a new alert, pick "crossing" and in value pick "Pivot Alerts"
I have chosen a neutral colour Orange for all pivot levels.
Release Notes: new colours
Release Notes: clearer colours and thickness of lines reduced
Release Notes: Signal on chart when price crosses the pivots
Release Notes: thicker pivot lines
Release Notes: Added:
Camarila pivots H3 and L3 for trend reversal signal
BC and TC area: to be used to forecast today's range compared to yesterday's
Release Notes: added area to Central Range

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