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MACDV = Moving Average Convergence Divergence Volume

The MACDV indicator uses stochastic accumulation / distribution volume inflow and outflow formulas to visualize it in a standard MACD type of appearance.

To be able to merge these formulas I had to normalize the math.
Accumulation / distribution volume is a unique scale.
Stochastic is a 0-100 scale.
MACD is a unique scale.

The normalized output scale range for MACDV is -100 to 100.
100 = overbought
-100 = oversold

Everything in between is either bullish or bearish.
Rising = bullish
Falling = bearish
crossover = bullish
crossunder = bearish
convergence = direction change
divergence = momentum

The default input settings are:
7 = K length, Stochastic accumulation / distribution length

3 = D smoothing, smoothing stochastic accumulation / distribution volume weighted moving average

6 = MACDV fast, MACDV fast length line
color = blue

13 = MACDV slow, MACDV slow length line
color = white

4 = MACDV signal, MACDV histogram length
color rising above 0 = bright green
color falling above 0 = dark green
color falling below 0 = bright red
color rising below 0 = dark red

2 = Stretch, Output multiplier for MACDV visual expansion

Horizontal lines:
Release Notes:
add cross options:
bullish macdLine crossover signalLine = green tiny circle
bearish macdLine crossunder signalLine = red tiny circle
Release Notes:
10/7/23 update:
Fine tune default input lengths.
Add a total line option.
Add a PVT or AD option.
Add a bullish or bearish tiny dot option.
Release Notes:
10/14/23 update:
Add 6 volume source options:
Accumulation Distribution
Price Volume Trend
Positive Volume Index
On Balance Volume
Money Flow Index
Average of all 5

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