VWAP Stdev Bands v2 Mod UPDATE

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Vwap + standard deviation bands. Good for reversal trading among other things. Used intraday.
Very useful when price is ranging.

I added:
- Option to fill the spaces between the deviation lines with color.
- Option to add some extra bands. Color/length/style etc is customizable.

Made a quick update to prev version:
- Added bar/candle coloring
- You can change the colors to whatever you want.
- Or turn them off completely.
If the candle is above vwap and below standard deviation 1 its white
If the candle is below vwap and above standard deviation 1 its black
If the candle is below std 2and above std3 its green

And so on...

original script by /u/SandroTurriate/ - I just made the changes above.
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//with barcolors and stuff
study("VWAP Stdev Bands v2 Mod", overlay=true)
devUp1 = input(1.28, title="Stdev above (1)")
devDn1 = input(1.28, title="Stdev below (1)")

devUp2 = input(2.01, title="Stdev above (2)")
devDn2 = input(2.01, title="Stdev below (2)")

devUp3 = input(2.51, title="Stdev above (3)")
devDn3 = input(2.51, title="Stdev below (3)")

devUp4 = input(3.09, title="Stdev above (4)")
devDn4 = input(3.09, title="Stdev below (4)")

devUp5 = input(4.01, title="Stdev above (5)")
devDn5 = input(4.01, title="Stdev below (5)")
showBcol = input(true, title="Turn Barcolor ON/OFF?")
showDv2 = input(true, type=bool, title="Show second group of bands?")
showDv3 = input(true, type=bool, title="Show third group of bands?")
showDv4 = input(false, type=bool, title="Show fourth group of bands?")
showDv5 = input(false, type=bool, title="Show fifth group of bands?")

showPrevVWAP = input(false, type=bool, title="Show previous VWAP close")
start = security(tickerid, "D", time)

newSession = iff(change(start), 1, 0)

vwapsum = iff(newSession, hl2*volume, vwapsum[1]+hl2*volume)
volumesum = iff(newSession, volume, volumesum[1]+volume)
v2sum = iff(newSession, volume*hl2*hl2, v2sum[1]+volume*hl2*hl2)
myvwap = vwapsum/volumesum
dev = sqrt(max(v2sum/volumesum - myvwap*myvwap, 0))

A=plot(myvwap,style=circles, title="VWAP", color=black)
U1=plot(myvwap + devUp1 * dev,style=circles, title="VWAP Upper", color=gray)
D1=plot(myvwap - devDn1 * dev, style=circles, title="VWAP Lower", color=gray)

myvwapu1= myvwap + devUp1 * dev
myvwapd1= myvwap - devDn1 * dev

U2=plot(showDv2 ? myvwap + devUp2 * dev : na, color=red, title="VWAP Upper (2)")
D2=plot(showDv2 ? myvwap - devDn2 * dev : na, color=green, title="VWAP Lower (2)")

myvwapu2= myvwap + devUp2 * dev
myvwapu3= myvwap + devUp3 * dev
myvwapd2= myvwap - devDn2 * dev
myvwapd3= myvwap - devDn3 * dev

U3=plot(showDv3 ? myvwap + devUp3 * dev : na, title="VWAP Upper (3)", color=red)
D3=plot(showDv3 ? myvwap - devDn3 * dev : na, title="VWAP Lower (3)", color=green)

myvwapu4= myvwap + devDn4 * dev
myvwapd4= myvwap - devDn4 * dev

U4=plot(showDv4 ? myvwap + devUp4 * dev : na, title="VWAP Upper (4)", color=red)
D4=plot(showDv4 ? myvwap - devDn4 * dev : na, title="VWAP Lower (4)", color=green)

U5=plot(showDv5 ? myvwap + devUp5 * dev : na, title="VWAP Upper (5)", color=red)
D5=plot(showDv5 ? myvwap - devDn5 * dev : na, title="VWAP Lower (5)", color=green)

prevwap = iff(newSession, myvwap[1], prevwap[1])

plot(showPrevVWAP ? prevwap : na, style=circles, color=close > prevwap ? green : red)

ColorMiddleU = price > myvwap and price < myvwapu2 ? white:na
ColorMiddleD = price > myvwapd1 and price < myvwap ? black:na

ColorDv1d = price > myvwapd2 and price < myvwapd1 ? gray:na
ColorDv1u = price > myvwapu1 and price < myvwapu2 ? gray:na

ColorDv2d = price > myvwapd3 and price < myvwapd2 ? green:na
ColorDv2u = price > myvwapu2 and price < myvwapu3 ? maroon:na

ColorDv3d = price > myvwapd4 and price < myvwapd3 ? lime:na
ColorDv3u = price > myvwapu3 and price < myvwapu4 ? red:na

barcolor(showBcol?ColorMiddleD:na, title="BarColor vwap-1 Lower")
barcolor(showBcol?ColorMiddleU:na, title="BarColorColor vwap-1 upper")
barcolor(showBcol?ColorDv1d:na, title="BarColor 1-2 Lower")
barcolor(showBcol?ColorDv1u:na, title="BarColorColor 1-2 upper")
barcolor(showBcol?ColorDv2d:na, title="BarColor 2-3 Lower")
barcolor(showBcol?ColorDv2u:na, title="BarColorColor 2-3 upper")
barcolor(showBcol?ColorDv3d:na, title="BarColor 3-4 Lower")
barcolor(showBcol?ColorDv3u:na, title="BarColorColor 3-4 upper")

fill(U1, U2, color=red, transp=90, title="Over Bought Fill 1")
fill(D1, D2, color=green, transp=90, title="Over Sold Fill 1")
fill(U2, U3, color=red, transp=90, title="Over Bought Fill 2")
fill(D2, D3, color=green, transp=90, title="Over Sold Fill 2")
fill(U3, U4, color=red, transp=90, title="Over Bought Fill 3")
fill(D3, D4, color=green, transp=90, title="Over Sold Fill 3")
fill(U4, U5, color=red, transp=90, title="Over Bought Fill 4")
fill(D4, D5, color=green, transp=90, title="Over Sold Fill 4")
fill(A, U1, color=gray, transp=90, title="Middle Fill Up")
fill(A, D1, color=gray, transp=90, title="Middle Fill Down")
The rolling standard deviation calculation for this script is incorrect and borrowed from someone else who started it (not sure who was the genesis of this mistake). For an open source version for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly VWAP with 3 band configurations see my script:

I have cited the correct rolling weighted standard deviation calculation from a university article and adapted it to pine script.

Also shows previous VWAP values which act as future support/resistance.
Gregg_s mortdiggiddy
@mortdiggiddy, would be nice to have this one fixed for intraday or modify yours for intraday time frames
Pretty good mate
Added it to the chart. Nothing new appears on the chart. Just the name of the script.
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vagar vagar
@TheYangGuizi Will it work if the stock opens with a gap up/gap down?
@vagar, maybe first line should read //@version=2 instead of //"version=2. Just maybe, I didn't try.
@vagar, @dheerajsood, there is a function vwap, which requires the interval below the daily level. you can use 5 minutes interval and it displays well
I apply it to my chart and nothing appears? Where would I be going wrong?
TheYangGuizi dheerajsood
I dunno. Is it not appearing at all, or is not loading or what?

Try clicking the share-button (beside the like button) and then click "make it mine". See if it works.
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