Flying Buddha Inside Bars Indicator v1 by JustUncleL

This indicator plots MAs and paints Triggered Alert Arrows base on Flying Buddha candle patterns.

The “Flying Buddha” Pattern is defined as:
A candlestick chart with two moving averages: the 5 period exponential moving average (fast EMA) and the 10 period simple moving average (slow SMA), both applied to the closing price. The default “Flying Buddha” pattern is any candlestick which:
  • 1. Has a LOW above the fast EMA, when the fast EMA is above the slow SMA (a bearish “Flying Buddha”); or
  • 2. Has a HIGH below the fast EMA, when the fast EMA is below the slow SMA (a bullish “Flying Buddha”).

Alert Trigger:
A Flying Buddha Alert is triggered on the first candle that is a non-flying Buddha candle after a Flying Buddha Pattern candle sequence. Flying Buddhas can optionally be filtered by InsideBars and PinBars.

The Alert Trigger is optionally filtered by the Directional MA (default=EMA 89), and/or by Minimum Sequence length of Flying Buddhas.

Moving Averages:
You can select between 11 different types of moving averages, for each MA line in Flying Buddha MAs (fastMA and slowMA) and the Directional Filter MA:
  • SMA = Simple Moving Average.
  • EMA = Exponential Moving Average.
  • WMA = Weighted Moving Average
  • VWMA = Volume Weighted Moving Average
  • SMMA = Smoothed Simple Moving Average.
  • DEMA = Double Exponential Moving Average
  • TEMA = Triple Exponential Moving Average.
  • HullMA = Hull Moving Average
  • SSMA = Ehlers Super Smoother Moving average
  • ZEMA = Near Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average.
  • TMA = Triangular (smoothed) Simple Moving Average.

    NOTE: This is a concept indicator, I also intend to release a trading BOT suitable for Autoview, based on this concept indicator.

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