Moving Averages For All Timeframes

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Manage moving averages, for every timeframe, from within one indicator.

■ Intraday - Up to 3 moving averages
■ Daily - Up to 4 moving averages
■ Weekly - Up to 2 moving averages
■ Monthly - Up to 2 moving averages
■ Choose between simple, exponential or volume weighted moving averages ( SMA , EMA or VWMA )
Release Notes: version 2.0

■ The source (open, high, low, close, hl2, hlc3, ohlc4) can now be configured.
■ Simplified the Settings dialog.
Release Notes: Update chart showing moving average examples.
Release Notes: version 3.0

What's new:
■ Configure up to 4 moving averages for each timeframe: intraday, daily, weekly, monthly
■ Choose between 5 types of moving averages:

SMA - Simple moving average, average of price.
EMA - Exponential moving average, weight decreases exponentially on previous bars, resulting in more weight to current data.
RMA - RSI moving average, exponentially weighted.
VWMA - Volume weighted moving average, higher volume will have a greater weight.
WMA - Weighted moving average, weight decreases arithmetically on previous bars, resulting in more weight to current data.

Release Notes: version 4.0

What's new:
■ Customize the line width of each moving average in the Style tab of the Settings Dialog.
Release Notes: version 5.0

■ Add support for moving average clouds.
■ Add option to show weekly moving average on a daily chart.
Release Notes: version 6.0

■ Configure up to five moving averages for intraday and daily charts.

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