hello traders,

With this script you will be able to test the different signals offered by the ichimoku cloud system.
  • Crossover Tenkan Kijun
    Crossover Tenkan Kijun above Kumo
    Crossover Price Kijun
    Crossover Price Kijun above Kumo
    Crossover Price Tenkan
    Crossover Prince Tenkan aboce Kumo
    Crossover price Kumo
    Kumo Color Change
Remember to check the JPYPAIR checkbox if you test a JPY/xxx pair, this will adjust the stop loss and take profit calculation.

You can also adjust the TP and SL values in the parameters to change their ratio. I had good results in 1.5:1 with the :
  • SL = 2.25 x ATR(14)
    TP = 1.5 x ATR(14)

At your tests, don't hesitate to share your results.

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