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thanks for checking out my new indicator.

Wick % is a simple indicator to compare wick size with body size (mode 1) and to compare wick size with candle size (mode 2).

Upper wicks are bullish when close is higher than open pricen.
Lower wicks are bearish when close is lower than open price.

Wick Theory
In general, big wick and small bodie on a bar means that bull and bears are fighting heavily.
A big wick below the body means the bulls are leading in that fight,
and a big wick above the body means the bears are leading in that fight.

Calculation Formula
Mode 1 – Percentual Increase Wick/Body:
upperWickPercentage = (upperWick / body) * 100 - 100
lowerWickPercentage = (lowerWick / body) * 100 - 100

Mode 2 – Percent Wick/Candlestick:
upperWickPercentage = (upperWick / (high - low)) * 100
lowerWickPercentage = (lowerWick / (high - low)) * 100

You can use it on every symbol and every timeframe.

The indicator repaints by default, but you can disable it in the settings.
When you disable repaint, it moves the label one bar to the right.
If you want to use the indicator for signals, you must disable repainting.

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Release Notes:
Updated default values, title and short title.
Release Notes:
Minor change

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