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Ratio To Average - The Quant Science is a quantitative indicator that calculates the percentage ratio of the market price in relation to a reference average. The indicator allows the calculation of the ratio using four different types of averages: SMA, EMA, WMA, and HMA. The ratio is represented by a series of histograms that highlight periods when the ratio is positive (in green) and periods when the ratio is negative (in red).

What is the Ratio to Average?
The Ratio to Average is a measure that tracks the price movements with one of its averages, calculating how much the price is above or below its own average, in percentage terms.


Lenght: it adjusts the number of bars to include in the calculation of the average.

Moving Average: it allows you to choose the type of average to use.

Color Up/Color Down: it allows you to choose the color of the indicator for positive and negative ratios.

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