[RS]Renko ZigZag V0

Renko based zigzag:
  • mode: can be Traditional or ATR.
  • modeValue: can be whole number if you use ATR mode, or floating point number in case of Traditional mode.
  • showOverlay: displays basis Renko overlay.
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study("[RS]Renko ZigZag V0", shorttitle="[RS]RZ.V0", overlay=true)
mode = input('ATR')
modeValue = input(14.000, type=float)
bricksize = mode == 'ATR' ? atr(round(modeValue)) : mode == 'Traditional' ? modeValue : na
showOverlay = input(false)
propen = nz(ropen[1])
ropen = close > propen+bricksize or high > propen+bricksize ? propen+bricksize :
        close < propen-bricksize or low < propen-bricksize ? propen-bricksize : propen

rclose = ropen > propen ? ropen-bricksize : ropen < propen ? ropen+bricksize : nz(rclose[1])
direction = ropen > propen ? 1 : ropen < propen ? -1 : nz(direction[1])
rc = direction == 1 ? green : direction == -1 ? maroon : na

p00 = plot(not showOverlay ? na : ropen, style=cross, color=rc, linewidth=3)
p01 = plot(not showOverlay ? na : rclose, style=circles, color=gray, linewidth=2)

fill(p00, p01, color=gray, transp=75)

//  ||-->   ZigZag:
prev_extreme = change(direction) != 0 ? ropen : fixnan(extreme[1])
extreme = direction == 1 and high >= prev_extreme ? high : direction == -1 and low <= prev_extreme ? low : prev_extreme
plot(change(direction) != 0 ? extreme[1] : na)

It doesn't show the "Traditional" mode? Could you know the reason why?
Muito Bom! Thanks.
Well i guess what I'm asking if you look at your chart example here the candle with the high wick at a price of 11750 the zig zag there looks like it is telling you it hit a new high so i guess my question is there a lag with that zig zag or does it wait till the next 5 minute candle formation? Thank you for taking the time to answer my first question
yes its lagging by atleast 1 candle bar, can vary depending on distance to extreme since the swings are based on the range block swings and then capturing pivots when it changes
On this indicator Does the plot of the new high or new low get placed immediately or is it on the candle of the next time frame. If that makes any sense. ty
this does not repaint, if its what your asking?
Is there a way to backtest Renko scripts published in TradingView? I've been a fan of Renko, but new to TradingView.
Also, would be great to set up alerts on Renko reversal points
its possible, but very limited..
thx, next in line is gona be based on PA :p
Nice idea, like it.