BEST Rainbow Chart

Hello traders

This script is a Pinescript adaptation of this FXCM/LUA script

Draws a flexible number of moving averages between 1 and 5 - with a end result looking like a rainbow


Each Moving Average is defined as a Moving Average of the previous MA
The first MA is based on candle close

MA = MA of Price
MA = MA of MA
MA= MA of MA


You can select the MA type ( EMA , SMA , SMMA , TEMA , DEMA , TMA, ALMA , VWMA , ...) and the MA period shared across all the moving averages


If you have any issue with your scaling, you may follow this quick tutorial

Hope you'll like it because it looks nice on your chart :)
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You've missed ALMA out xxx
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Daveatt syrinxflunki
@syrinxflunki, is that your way of asking me to add it :p ?
Well you have ALREADY ADDED IT as an option :D :D :D
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Daveatt syrinxflunki
@syrinxflunki, LMAO I'm so dumb
Thanks for spotting that out. Will fix it and republish
As always as I said "SIMPLE IS THE BEST"
Appreciated Daveatt =D
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Daveatt ICEKI
@ICEKI, this one is fun script :)
ICEKI Daveatt
@Daveatt, nice fun script =D
Send it to the NHS :)
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