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After seeing strategy after strategy refer to calculating ATR values using a "calculator" (how barbaric!), I thought I'd take a stab at one possible solution to the "problem" as an overlay indicator on the main chart that replaces traditional standard ATR bands. This indicator presents ATR within a channel with a slick trick: invisible hover-able tooltips for you to know the ATR value for your strategy from bar to bar. Just zoom in and hover over the high ATR range and you'll see take profit and stop loss values for whatever strategy you might be running. I defaulted the indicator to a 1:1.5 ATR standard setup because that is good for many strategies but this is as configurable as you'd like to make it. One notable improvement for this indicator over standard ATR bands is that many existing ATR bands only use integers and this one uses a float value, so you can endlessly customize based on whatever strategy you might be running.

Note: Because labels are limited by default, the best way to historically see ATR values is to use TV's replay feature. I did this on purpose to limit resource usage. One could certainly print more labels but I felt it unnecessary to go beyond the default number of labels.

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