MultiAlert LITE

Allows one to set 5 price level alerts on one symbol (1 Stop Loss 4 Targets)
Alerts work by prices crosses under the stop loss or over the targets, enabling short reverses this.
Unlike regular MultiAlert, this actually draws a true horizontal price at your price.
This is a lighter version of MultiAlert, supporting only one symbol. Your price levels will appear on all charts unless you hide the indicator.

Make the alert with targets and stop loss set, every time you make a change you MUST REMAKE THE ALERT.

Please comment any problems .
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Very good job man! Thanks for sharing. I have a question: If I turn off my computer, will the alarms notify?
SiadoreR mincho1010
@mincho1010, Correct, all alerts should still go to email or SMS. TradingView doesn't need to be open for alerts to trigger.
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mincho1010 SiadoreR
@SiadoreR, Thanks for your reply.
IS it possible to do this script but to search among 40 assets? I saw other screeners that follow that amount of assets. Maybe taking out the 4 targets. Just viewing 2 price levels
SiadoreR mincho1010
@mincho1010, Potentially possible, pinescript, it's limiting. I feel as though the LITE version of this is most practical.