-----How to add the Trading System BALIAN to your Chart-----

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  • Scroll down and add BALIAN to your favourite indicators
  • Open Symbol BTCBUSD Perpetual Futures (Binance)
  • Set Time Interval to 15 minutes
  • Add Indicator BALIAN by Shaman-Trading to your Chart (You should find it in your Favourite Indicators)

-----Description of the Trading System BALIAN-----

The Trading System BALIAN places trades both long and short. Trades can be opened and closed at any time during the session and can be held overnight into the next session. Trades are scaled into with up to 2 entries but are closed with one single order. A long trade can be directly swinged into a short trade and vice versa.

The Trading System BALIAN works on the basis of waiting for the price to move below the Long (above the Short) Entry Trigger Level, where it then searches for a Long (Short) entry. The Entry Trigger Levels are derived via Pivot Points and S/R Levels.
Once a position is entered, one of 4 scenarios can play out:

  • SL is being hit. The trade is exited
  • TP is being hit. The trade is exited
  • A second position in the same direction is entered
  • An opposing entry signal is generated. The trade is swinged in the opposite direction

-----Settings of the Trading System BALIAN-----

The Trading System BALIAN generates buy and sell signals based on our proprietary Trading Framework consisting of many parameters. The Parameters are structured into the following groups.

  • Account Parameters
  • Long Entry, SL, TP
  • Long Optimisation
  • Long Filter
  • Short Entry, SL, TP
  • Short Optimisation
  • Short Filter
  • Long/Short Optimisation

The parameters are either price/indicator-based, %-based or length-based (number of historic bars).

Here is an overview of the Parameters used. Further parameters may be added in future versions or parameters may be removed from future versions.
  • Leverage
  • Limit Risk
  • Risk Amount %
  • Trade Amount %
  • Reduce Tradeamount on losing trade
  • Trade Amount Reduction %
  • #Trade Amount Reductions
  • Compound Returns
  • Protect Profits
  • Maximum Time (Candles) in Trade

  • Long/Short Entry Trigger Level
  • Long/Short Entry Trigger %
  • Long/Short SL Level
  • Long/Short SL %
  • Minimum Distance to SL Long/Short
  • Long/Short TP Level
  • Long/Short TP %

  • Long/Short Protect Profits

  • Long/Short Entry Filter 1
  • Maximum Pivot Gap Long/Short

  • Volatility Restriction
  • GRI Length
  • GRI Threshold Short to Long Entry Filter
  • GRI Threshold Long to Short Entry Filter

For the Parameters Long/Short Entry Trigger Level, Long/Short SL Level and Long/Short TP Level Pivot Points and Levels, as well as the Daily Open Price and the Position Entry Price are being used. For the Pivot Points and Levels, the following Pivot Types are used: Camarilla, Woodie, DM and Fibonacci. Pivot Mid Points, as well as Support & Resistance Points, are used: S1/R1, S2/R2, and S3/R3 for Camarilla and Fibonacci. S1/R1 for DM. S1/R1, S2/R2, S3/R3 and S4/R4 for Woodie.

Additionally, the distance between Pivot Mid-Points is measured, which is used to derive long/short entry filters that construct the parameters Long/Short Entry Filter 1 and Maximum Pivot GAP Long/Short. The following distances are measured: DM-Woodie, DM-Camarilla and Woodie-Camarilla.

The GRI is a proprietary indicator that counts how many green and red candles were in the last n candles and calculates the green candles as a % of all n candles. It is then used as a restriction to prevent long positions to be swinged into short positions and vice versa.

The Trading System BALIAN is optimised for the symbol BTCBUSD Perpetual Futures (Binance), 15 minutes Interval, with its default parameter settings. However, the Trading System can be applied to a wide variety of markets by evaluating new optimum parameter values for each market.

Optimum parameter values for a given market are derived utilising a statistical research platform on which trillions of different parameter settings are calculated and applied to a market.
Release Notes:
  • Changed Tradeamount to 24
Release Notes:
  • Parameter Changes: trade_amount_reduce, trade_amount_reductions, tradetime, lminsl, ltp, ltpvar, lpp
Release Notes:
  • New parameter (trade_n) to wait n candles after losing trade before new trade entry is allowed. By default trade_n = 2.
Release Notes:
  • Corrected version number
Release Notes:
  • Added logic and plots for nearest SL Long & Short, required for setting SL directly on exchange with position
Release Notes:
  • Added logic to dynamically adjust the SL on the exchange via function alerts
Release Notes:
  • Added parameter to set maximum entry slippage. Only applies to entry orders for new trades, not position adds or swing trades
  • Added logic and plot to pass limit prices for long and short orders to the Exchange
Release Notes:
  • Parameter Adjustments including April 2023 Data
Release Notes:
  • Added backtestmode for easier backtesting in TV, sets tradeamount to 50 and disables compound returns
  • Removed parameter Maximum Time (Candles) in Trade
  • Cleaned up code, removed unnecessary comments, variables and calculations
  • Separated entry and exit orders into distinct order commands and named exit orders accordingly (SL, TP)
  • Added alert message for each entry and exit order containing trigger price for improved slippage measurement
Release Notes:
  • Enabled Bar Magnifier by default
Release Notes:
  • No trades on first candle of the day
  • New parameter for max number of entries allowed: maxentries
  • Tradeamount reduction logic removed
  • Option to switch profit protection on/off removed and switched on by default
  • Tradeamount set to 50%, also for backtesting
  • New entry logic and new parameters for long and short entries: lt2, lt2var, st2, st2var
  • Swing Trades removed
  • Updated SL logic: SL based on pivot level removed, parameter for Minimum Distance to SL removed, breakout SL logic removed, new SL rule to replace previous Swing Trade logic
  • Updated Risk Module to take new SL logic into account
  • Parameter for Volatility Restriction removed
  • Improved Order Module to work with single SL order
  • Parameter Optimisation to include May and June-23 data
Parameter Changes
  • max_trade_amount set to 50
  • maxentries set to 1
  • riskamount set to 3.5
  • lt2 set to 15
  • lt2var set to 0
  • lpp set to 60
  • ltp set to 13
  • ltpvar set to 9
  • st2 set to 1
  • st2var set to 1.6
  • spp set to 140
  • stpvar set to 17
  • trade_n set to 1

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