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The powerful indicator is Force Ticks which shows the underlying direction of volume , amazingly showing you if Smart Money is accumulating or distributing.

Force Ticks is as mentioned above a fabulous indication of where the underlying direction of volume and volatility are heading in a certain market. It's a great tool to identify where smart money is making a move as smart money will do the opposite to what retail are doing (for liquidity purposes).


In this example we have EURUSD as the master chart on the Daily time frame.


Again in this example we have the EURUSD pair, at "A" we can see the Force Ticks indicator has turned Bullish breaking its downtrend and on the Chart we have a Bullish cross of one of our Moving Averages .

At "B" we can see with our Force Ticks the price is descending and force ticks have another bullish push to no effect. This shows you that retail believe the price will increase but institutions and smart money is offloading to the buyers. Force Ticks turn bearish .

At "C" on the chart we can see a compressive triangle forming. Consolidation Zone. Then we have the price and Force Ticks working together. Force Ticks clearly identify volume and volatility as bearish (this is retail shorting the market as best as they can), however, price gradually grinds higher as Smart money have been accumulating. Then we have a powerful break out North!

"D" is the Break Out confirmed by Force Ticks.


Many Thanks and Trade Safe!

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