Uber ASH - Absolute Strength Histogram [UTS]

The Absolute Strength Histogram is an indicator that measures the current strength in market.
If the red line crosses the green line the bears are in control. If the green line crosses the red the market is in favor of the bulls.

General Usage

Signals are created on line cross. They that can be used to EXIT or LONG/SHORT a trade.
It is worth investing the time and fine-tune the settings: e.g. SuperSmoothed 16 and HMA 40 provides decent results.
The colored histogram visualizes if any "strength" is existent and if a trend reversal can become more likely.


Traders can easily use the reversal signal to trigger alerts from:
  • Cross Up
  • Cross Down
Those values are > zero if a condition is triggered.
Alert condition example: "Cross Up" - "Greater Than" - "0"

Calculation methods

The market “strength” can be calculated in three different ways:

Moving Averages

16 different Moving Averages are available:
A freely determinable length allows for sensitivity adjustments that fits your own requirements.

Visit http://ubertradingsystems.com or send a direct message for information about indicator access.

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