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This Pine Script indicator is designed to identify and visually represent inside bars or candles. Here's a breakdown of its features and functionality:

1. Inputs:
  • insideCandlesColor: Color of the inside bars or candles.
  • highColor: Color of the horizontal line representing the high of the inside bar.
  • lowColor: Color of the horizontal line representing the low of the inside bar.
  • showHighLowLabel: Option to display labels for the high and low prices.

2. Logic:
  • The script checks for the conditions of an inside bar:
  • high < high[1] and low > low[1]
  • If an inside bar is detected and is not already in the range:
    * Stores the high and low prices of the previous bar.
    * Records the parent bar index and sets the broken flag to false.
  • If the current bar's high exceeds the stored high or the low falls below the stored low, the broken flag is set to true.
  • If the current bar is within the stored high and low range, it is considered in-range.
  • The script then dynamically plots horizontal lines at the high and low prices of the parent bar until the inside bar is broken.

3. Visualization:
  • The inside bars are colored based on the insideCandlesColor.
  • Horizontal lines are drawn at the high and low prices of the parent bar within the inside bar.
  • Optional labels display the rounded values of the high and low prices.

4. Usage:
  • Apply the script to your chart.
  • Adjust the input parameters according to your preferences.
  • The indicator will highlight inside bars with colored bars and draw lines representing the high and low prices. Labels are optional.

5. Note:
  • Inside bars are bars where the entire price range is within the high and low of the previous bar.
  • The script uses historical bar information and visualizes the inside bars dynamically on the chart.

Release Notes:
  • Added precision up to 5 as it is required in forex symbols.

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