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While it doesn't prescribe a specific strategy, the provided indications can offer valuable insights for your trading decisions. As always, exercise caution and use it at your own risk. Expect updates along the way to enhance your trading experience.

Don't switch on all features, as the chart will be very messy - only use the ones that are intersting for you.

Indicator Features as of v01b

Chart Cockpit

Symbol: Quick identification of the trading symbol.
Candle Timer: Track remaining time for the current candle.
Timeframe: Clearly display the chosen timeframe.
Bias for 4 Timeframes: Multi-timeframe bias for comprehensive analysis.
Date and Day: Stay informed about the current date and day.

Imbalance Zones

True Imbalance: Highlights genuine imbalance in the market.
Used Imbalance Removal: Streamlined removal of outdated imbalance zones.

Inside Bars

Liquidity Use: Utilize inside bars as potential liquidity zones.
Reaction Points: Identify inside bars as significant reaction points.


Bill William Fractals: Recognize fractals following Bill William's principles.
ICT Fractals: Fractals based on Inner Circle Trader's methodology.
Liquidity Consideration: Fractals can serve as liquidity indicators.
True Pullbacks: Identify genuine pullbacks in the market.
Highs and Lows: Pinpoint highs and lows for strategic entry and exit.

Engulfing Bars

Orderblocks Representation: Engulfing bars reflect potential orderblocks.
Institutional Funded Moves: Identify moves backed by institutional funding.


Colored EMA: EMA displayed in distinct colors for visual clarity.
Bias Use: Leverage EMA as a directional bias.

Liquidity Levels

Fresh Reaction Points: Identify fresh liquidity levels for potential reactions.

Happy Trading!

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